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Recruitment......a pain in the backside for many in truth. Get it wrong and it can have huge implications, however, get it right and it will strengthen your business if you are an employer and potentially change your life if you are an employee.

Every recruiter you talk to will likely tell you they are the best at what they do (often by throwing a bucket load of non-unique USPs at you!). Truth is there are a lot of good recruiters out there (not to mention many dodgy ones) and you should choose to work with people who understand the profession they specialise in, can be a great advocate for you as a business or job seeker, and ultimately that you feel you can have honest, candid conversations with and aren't just going to tell you what you want to hear.

We like to think that over our individual careers we've built great networks and reputations whilst learning a thing or two about how to do recruitment properly and that our recommendations back that up. We're experienced on the in-house side as well so understand many of the challenges internal resourcing teams and hiring managers face when it comes to attracting the best talent, so rest assured we work with you, never against you!

Eden Blake helps bring great people together, specialising in the worlds of Procurement & Supply Chain, Logistics, and Accountancy & Finance.. Want video shortlisting or first-stage interviews conducted for you? No problem. Personality profiling? Yep, we can do that too. We also work with businesses wanting to improve their own recruitment rather than rely on agencies, crazy right, but offering real flexibility, now how's that for a differentiator!

If your current recruitment suppliers are leaving you tearing your hair out, or if recruitment seems like one big headache all round, why not drop us a line and let's discuss how we can help you out.

Bringing great people together in the worlds of Procurement & Supply Chain, Logistics and Accountancy & Finance

Who you'll work with

We work with candidates across the Procurement & Supply Chain, Logsitics and Accountancy & Finance industries, with a core focus on the Midlands.  As far as businesses are concerned, our client base ranges from local SMEs to Global FTSE100 listed organisations.

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