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Healthy buildings start with healthy foundations, and a healthy foundation is a dry foundation.

When buildings suffer from excess moisture in their foundations, high humidity levels, mold, infestations, and poor air quality, these are merely symptoms, not the root cause.

DriWay’s technology provides building owners and managers with a sustainable solution for treating the source of invasive groundwater in a building’s foundation.

Invasive groundwater, also known as rising damp, is water from the ground that infiltrates a building through its foundation. This excess moisture in building materials leads to a host of problems such as high humidity levels, poor thermal insulation, mold, infestations, and poor air quality that not only harm the health of the building itself, but the health of the people it shelters.

The DriWay device restores building foundations to their original healthy condition – and keeps them that way.

Our technology is a simple device that attaches to a wall or ceiling in a building’s foundation (ground floor or basement), requiring no alterations to the building, and provides effective, safe, clean, and enduring protection without the use of electricity. The non-intrusive device naturally disrupts the bonds drawing moisture into masonry, liberating the water and allowing it to evaporate.

DriWay delivers four key benefits related to building health.

• Financial health – Cost savings and ROI
• Personal health – Increased wellness
• Structural health – Structural integrity protection
• Environmental health – Green technology - Reduced carbon footprint

The result is a stronger and healthier building, an improved living and working environment for people, reduced maintenance and operating costs, with increased real estate returns for building owners or managers, and a cleaner planet for all.

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