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Working at Downsend Preparatory School

What we do

Downsend is a vibrant and lively school where our children are inspired to learn through creative and interactive teaching.  They enjoy learning and, more importantly, remembering what they have been taught both inside and outside the classroom. 

We have a dedicated team of staff and it is a very happy place to work.  It is important that we attract the right people when we advertise any vacancies, knowing they will be able to fit in with what already exists as well as bringing in fresh new ideas to help us grow.  


Inspiring Young Minds

What you'll get

  • Deals & discountsFree tea, coffee and lunch provided as well as parking on site
  • Career progressionProfessional development is encouraged and supported.

Who you'll work with

Downsend is spread over 4 sites. The main Prep School based in Leatherhead caters for children aged 6-13, whilst our 3 Pre-Preps in Ashtead, Epsom and Leatherhead look after the younger children from 2-6.

All of the Schools have their own dedicated Head and staff and run independently even though we are part of the same group. 

They are all different and yet all work to achieve the same goal - a happy learning environment that the children and their families will look back on with fond memories of good times and great teachers and staff. 


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