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Working at Cygnet North East

What we do

Cygnet North East is a social enterprise - this means that any profit we make is reinvested into the services we deliver for people with disabilities and health conditions.

Cygnet exists to empower people to reach their full potential, whether they are staff, volunteers or our customers and clients.

We deliver three elements to what we do, which make our services holistic and inclusive. We deliver employability and skills services to help people into work, education and training and to stay in work. We provide social activities to prevent and reduce social isolation. We also provide counselling, reiki and meditation to our clients to enhance and improve wellbeing.

We believe in the importance of people. In saying thank you for a job well done. In well paid sustainable jobs. In providing high quality training. In providing regular support and supervision, both formally and as an when needed. 

Empowering people to reach their full potential

What you'll get

  • Flexible workingFlexible working hours,
  • Career progressionCygnet is a growing company
  • Equality & diversityWe employ staff with disabilities
  • Corporate social responsibilityAll of our profits are reinvested into our services

Who you'll work with

Cygnet is a new company and just started employing staff in August 2018. As such we are a small team and we all work in the same office except for our community staff who work on an outreach basis. 

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