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What we do

More than half of the new-build homes in England have major faults. Would you like to live in a house with bulged walls and cracked floors? Probably not. We don’t like it either. In fact, our job is to protect our customers against defects in design, workmanship, materials or components of their developments for 10 years after completion.

We’re an industry-leading specialist in arranging Structural Insurance to thousands of companies and individuals throughout the UK and Ireland. Consider us a dedicated squad for builders and developers, whose job is to ensure they’re covered against construction defects. We may not be superheroes, but we certainly bear a great responsibility over our shoulders.

Venturous, intrepid and brave are common words our clients use to describe us, perhaps because we don’t shy away from insuring unusual properties. Founded in 2011, CRL is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

We have offices in Liverpool, Horsham, Belfast, Farnham, Newcastle, Madrid and Marbella, and our headquarters can be found at the iconic Heron Tower of London (currently known as Salesforce Tower).

At CRL we’re always on the look-out for talented individuals (that might be you!) to join our team. Our employees know that people don’t come to our company to ‘play it safe’. We all came here to jump into the deep end and accomplish things that cannot be achieved by others in the industry.

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our clients the best possible service, we continue to innovate and deliver industry-leading solutions. And the key to our success undoubtedly comes from the people we employ.

So, if you’re ambitious, feisty, resilient, a person who loves to think outside the box and meet new challenges every day, CRL is the company that will mirror all your values.
Let us help you overwrite your past job disappointments and underwrite your professional future.

What you'll get

  • Working hoursMonday to Friday 8:30 - 17:00.
  • Deals & discountsAccess to perkbox.
  • Learning & developmentOngoing training and development.
  • FinancialVery generous bonus structure.
  • Career progressionClear career progression.

Who you'll work with

Who’ll you work with?
Most companies would tell you their number one asset is their people. Sometimes this is true, other times… Not so much. In the case of CRL, we pride ourselves on this statement being very accurate!

Our people come from all over the world, bringing the diversity of skills, culture and personalities that makes this a great place to work. We value outspoken individuals, open and energetic, who are not afraid of speaking out their ideas and consider themselves intrepid by nature.

At CRL you’ll have the opportunity to work with a variety of great team players that will help you develop both personally and professionally – from Sales people, Marketers and Underwriters, to your future colleagues working in Finance, HR and IT. Together we ensure we’re at the top of the game when it comes to construction insurance solutions.

Find out more about life at CRL and what it really means to be part of our company culture by clicking the company website link.

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