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Working at CourtCorrect

What we do

We're a technology company headquartered in London with a mission to make justice available to all.

You can now trade stocks on your phone. You can take courses on machine learning on your phone. But if you run into a legal problem, you're still faced with a complex, expensive legal system.

At CourtCorrect, we're building a product that lets people and small businesses access the legal system directly, while making it easy for all market players, defendants, lawyers and courts included, to manage their caseload.

Justice for Everyone

What you'll get

  • Company cultureWe have loads of fun. We love going for dinners, drinks and gaming.
  • FinancialYou'll get a fair salary and share options.
  • Corporate social responsibilityOur mission is to improve access to justice.
  • Equality & diversityWe're a super diverse team and everyone is welcome.
  • Work environment & equipmentWork from wherever you want, including our modern offices.

Who you'll work with

We're a happy team of 11 engineers, analysts, lawyers and recent grads. We're growing quickly and are hungry for talent. If you're looking for an opportunity to make a difference, this might be it.


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