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Connect Health was founded in 1989 by Professor Andrew Walton, who remains as the Group Executive Director. Originally a Musculoskeletal service provider operating out of the North East of England, the business has grown to become a medium sized enterprise providing a range of Community-based services to the NHS, alongside Occupational Health services to the Corporate sector. We are continually evolving our proposition to patient care, and we’re building a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team where our clinical service provides care and expertise in chronic pain, rheumatology, and mental health alongside musculoskeletal therapy.

Within the NHS sector we deliver community services to over 10% of the population in England, commissioned by over 25 Clinical Commissioning Groups. Our growth over the last 5 years is a testament to the high quality, efficient and effective care we provide through our clinical and support colleagues. We are internationally recognised as an agent of change; driving innovation and transformation in collaboration with other NHS provider organisations that benefits our 3 stakeholders; patients, Colleagues, and commissioners.

We pride ourselves on offering people a great place to work that encourages an environment where people can be the best version of themselves every day. Connect Health people are energetic, passionate and believe wholeheartedly in aspiring to excellence in the way we provide care at the clinical/patient interface no matter our role in the business.

It’s been a ground breaking journey for us at Connect Health so far, and our growth continues to inspire and excite us

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