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Connect Earth was founded upon the belief that actionable, high-quality carbon emissions data wasn’t accessible to most businesses and individuals. Being unable to measure and reduce carbon emissions isn’t just an environmental question for consumers and businesses anymore, it’s also a financial question. Regulation and legislative changes make it increasingly important for consumers and businesses to understand how they can reduce their emissions, and as a result also reduce their financial risk.

With that in mind, our two founders built an API toolkit that uses merchant-level data accuracy to measure the carbon footprint of any purchase. Our vision is that consumers and companies should get access to the toolkits they need at low cost or no cost to proactively reduce their carbon emissions, directly within the software they use every day.

Our carbon tracking technology helps financial institutions and ClimateTechs support their customers to make more conscious spending decisions. Information empowers action – we therefore pledge to continue innovating viable solutions that respond to the environmental sustainability needs of ever changing markets.

Who you'll work with

At Connect Earth, we put our team culture at the forefront of everything we do. Even though we are a remote team, we have at least one quarterly team offsite, where we meet somewhere in the middle that works for everyone. We also give you the option to make use of a coworking pass if you work remotely and have methods in place internally to keep you connected to all of your colleagues.

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