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What we do

The CMA CGM Group is a leading worldwide shipping Group. It is French international and multi-cultural company counting 29,000 employees in over 160 countries.

Being in a multi-layered and dynamic industry, CMA CGM offers rich, diverse and challenging career opportunities. Its family business flexibility and corporate values allows the Group to constantly evolve along with the ever-changing global economy. Imagination, initiative, boldness and integrity, the core values of CMA CGM, are encouraged among the various professions of our company.

CMA CGM is a leading worldwide shipping company, but it is more than that as it offers
various opportunities to its staff members and the possibility to change their careers along their professional life;
careers forming a cohesive whole, each resonating with each others, and where skills work in symbiosis;

  • a place for each individual to be a stakeholder in the Group;
  • a working environment in constant flux, perpetually and dynamically reinventing itself;
  • a working environment enriched by the many cultures that are represented within it;
  • a corporate spirit focused on the future

Our commitments to you

  • The opportunity to join an ever-changing company where evolution rhymes with innovation ;
  • An international company reinforced by multi-cultural exchanges allowing a great mobility;
  • The promise of a fulfilling career thanks to bridges between jobs among the Group ;
  • Training sessions along your career to develop and adapt your skills.
  • The insurance of a working environment respecting the health and well-being of staff members

Who you'll work with

Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or a seasoned professional, choose a true professional experience that is at the heart of international trade.

Perline (Area Manager (graduate from Sciences Po Paris), and her choice of career within the CMA CGM Group.)

"During my Master's degree (Marketing and Studies), I did several internships in Marketing / Merchandising in France and Communication & Press Relations in Sydney.
Searching for new challenges and discoveries in my first job, I came across a CMA CGM job offer.
Attracted by the international, analytical and strategic part of the position, I have not been disappointed. At the heart of the world geopolitical analysis, in daily contact with more than twenty nationalities from Asian and European, I manage with autonomy the volumetric and financial performance of my agencies, and travel regularly to meet customers and local business managers.
Motivated by the dynamic teams and my management, I have the chance to see my job evolving and clearly I do not have time to be bored at my ocean view desk.
For some people, working in the shipping industry is an obvious choice, others are initially attracted by accident, but clearly seduced over time.
So, let’s set our sails towards Marseilles!"

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