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Cheung Kei Asset Management Limited is one of subsidiaries of Cheung Kei Group, founded in 1990, headquartered in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, is an investment holding group focusing on building the paradigm in value investment and commercial civilization, seeing steady increase in diversified assets within its long term holdings. Cheung Kei Group centers on the investigation and merger of high-quality companies in capital market and good-quality operational materials in global core metropolitan economic circles. It shares the dividends of capital trends and urban development, and forms a double-wheel driving mode of “investigation-operation”. So far, the group has possessed vast financial assets of stocks, stock rights, bonds and so on. At the meantime, it also wholly owns high-quality operational property such as millions of square meters of the land, office buildings, starred hotels, commerce, mining and so on worldwide, including core cities like Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and main cities of Europe and Southeast Asia