Working at Central Adlandic

  • Company size 20–49 employees
  • Sector Other

What we do

At Central Adlantic we are devoted to developing innovative direct marketing campaigns that generate excellent results for our clients. Working with a range of small businesses to household brands, we execute each campaign uniquely, so our client's are always guaranteed a personalised service. 

We simply love the effectiveness and responsiveness that direct marketing methods provide. We swear by it, and believe it is the best form of marketing as it is timeless and dependable even in times of economic turmoil. We have a force of direct marketing experts at Central Adlantic who are itching to promote your product. By meeting customers face-to-face it builds better relationships and connections, paving the way for a consumer to become a satisfied returning customer. 

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What you'll get

  • A fun, friendly & nurturing working environment
  • Weekly social activities at Glasgow's top venues
  • Weekly workshops to assist business development

Who you'll work with

Working with Central Adlantic, you will join a young, ambitious and talented team who are mad about customer acquisition and generating results.  

At Central Adlantic our people are our business.

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