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Catalyst is a not for profit organisation providing services for people who experience wellbeing problems which may arise from traumas, often resulting in drug and alcohol use. We offer non-medical interventions in a friendly, accessible, professional and non-judgmental way. We believe people are their own best resource and we work to enable these skills to be activated and learn new ones.

With partnership working and offering flexible services in priority need areas in Surrey and beyond, we believe we can reduce the isolation and stigma faced by people experiencing challenges through a number of projects:

Drug & Alcohol – Catalyst works in partnership with i-access (part of Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) to deliver adult Drug and Alcohol Services in Surrey through an Integrated Substance Misuse Services (ISMS). Referrals are through a central hub and Catalyst staff offer a variety of support including Needle Exchnage, harm reduction, recovery support and SMART groups.

Reach Out Counselling – This is a countywide service offering counselling and groups in all 11 Surrey Boroughs for people who are using drugs and/or alcohol and those affected by someone else’s use.

Mental Health and Wellbeing The Welcome Project – As part of Community Connections, it works to improve mental wellbeing for people affected by anxiety, stress and depression through a range of activities and support in Guildford, Waverley, Surrey Heath, Farnham, Spelthorne, Runnymede, Woking and West Elmbridge in partnership with other organisations.

CHI : Catalyst High Impact – Funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, this specialist service works with vulnerable drinkers to link them back in with services and support, reducing the harm to themselves and the community.

Catalyst helps drug and alcohol users to improve their lives on a daily basis by being available by offering accessible support and believes from its own evidence that people have the power to change given the right tools and help.

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