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Capital Events Marketing is an events-based marketing company specialising in bringing our clients products to life. The events industry has many advantages, the main one being the physical interaction customers can have with our clients brands. We are the middle man that will bring our clients brands physically to the forefront of potential customers minds with exciting product demonstrations in high traffic events.


Our clients love our approach when we bring their brand into the market through carefully selected events. We are not there just for product demonstration or brand awareness, but rather customer acquisition. We have one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to generate business. Successful brands don’t survive in the marketplace because people know about their brand, they survive because people buy into their brand.

Our clients love our approach to how we represent them, we bring their brand into the market base through carefully selected events marketing!

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There are several types of events that Capital Events Marketing can book for our clients:

• In-store Promotions: These events happen within high street stores where traffic is high. The type of brands that do well in this type of event are value-for-money products and services. Let’s just say we wouldn’t put a Ferrari in the middle of a high street store and expect it to sell. We can hone in on particular high street stores if we are wanting to aim our promotional efforts at a particular target market. For example our client wanted to target homeowners, Capital Events Marketing would advise them to set up their promotional activities in a home-based store selling products and services for households. This could be a carpet retailer, bathroom store, garden nursery etc. Or if they were in the health industry we would suggest pharmacies or health food stores.

• University Promotions: These types of events also work well with value-for-money products and services that have mass appeal. Students are a perfect target market for certain brands as they are still in that deciding phase on which brands they will be loyal to.

• Shopping Centres: At shopping centres you will find all types of potential customers. Shopping Centres are for brands that don’t have a specifically outlined target market and their product or service has mass appeal.

• Trade Shows: Trade shows are targets for more products with a more specific focused appeal. There are hundreds and hundreds of trade shows happening around the UK each day, especially in London. Trade shows can range from car expos, IT conferences, bridal shows to holiday excursion fairs. Capital Events Marketing recommend trade shows to clients when they are wanting to promote their brand in an area where there is going to be the highest density of their potential customer base in one place.

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