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Working at C&C Group

What we do

C&C Group is a market leading software provider in both the Utilities and Pharmaceuticals sector with two offices in the UK, one in Redhill, Surrey, and second in Gateshead, Tyneside.

We are an innovative and agile Business & IT Services organisation that focuses on adding value to our broad range of client operations across electricity, gas, water and pharma with a strong focus on cloud hosting managed services. 

We fully engage with our clients at all levels from the beginning of the project life cycle through to service (or application) go live. We are very proud of our client portfolio list and never take any client for granted, always striving to deliver the very best service that we can.

Our broad range of offerings include:

Bespoke developments;
Support & maintenance (24*7);
Products & services;
Data cleansing and address data management; and
Managed cloud services.

Our core values:

The principles of accountability, honesty and integrity shape every aspect of our business.

Fair treatment of all employees and clients
Transparency of our business policies and practices
High standards in all matters relating to health, safety and the environment
Ethical business practices throughout our operations
Our people are the key to future success and we strive to keep employees fully informed on all relevant matters at all times. All staff are expected to adhere to our values, to uphold them in the workplace, and to exercise the highest ethical judgement.

Our remuneration structure is based on both corporate and individual performance, and we are committed to best practice in employment, recognising the role this plays in attracting and retaining staff.