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What we do

Broad Education Staffing is a specialist long term staffing agency that makes it very simple for the contacts at schools and centres to understand the offer they are making to candidates and, hence to gain better offers for candidates to commit to.

We work on your behalf to negotiate the best terms of employment and to find candidates that genuinely warrant consideration for long term roles the specialist work that suits their skills and experiences most closely.

We provide long term quality, through integrity and clarity

What you'll get

  • Career progressionMore Long Term = Better CV = Better Job
  • FinancialBy understanding the offer better, schools can pay you better
  • Learning & developmentCandidates progress much faster in long term placements
  • Company cultureFair. Honest. Transparent. Expert. - Everything you'd expect
  • Corporate social responsibilityWe use 25% of gross profit to pay candidates for Summer School Work
  • Employee satisfactionWe find you the jobs you want, not the job nobody wants

Who you'll work with

We can place you into longer term jobs that last 6 weeks or longer in schools in Wales. We will meet with you, interview you and proactively manage all of the vetting and safeguarding checks that schools expect in order to comply with Safer Recruitment legislation. We will then work with you to market you as a suitable candidate to a wide range of schools and centres that could use someone with your individual talents and strengths.

As such, you will have the chance to work with education practitioners that work at the cutting edge of best practice in teaching and support work.

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