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Bishopsgate Law is a solicitors practice that positions itself as a modern, cost-effective and straight-forward option for individuals and businesses across London and Hertfordshire. Our London Office, in the beautiful 99 Bishopsgate, focuses on workplace litigation and commercial property law. Our Hertfordshire Office focuses on residential conveyencing and probate. However, both offices cover a most areas of law and both are growing at a fast pace. 

All staff utilise a top-of-the-line computer system, tablet-style desktop phone system, smart phones and legal software. We always get the job done as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our clients receive city standard quality, at high street prices.

Bishopsgate Law's core values are quality, effectiveness, fairness and authenticity.  There isn't a single member of our team who isn't learning new skills and finding new challenges. We invest in our team above everything else and in the two years since we opened we have made lawyers out paralegals and paralegals out of office assistants. We give every member of the team a say in how things should be run. There isn't a single practice or procedure that we have in place that we don't collectively critically evaluate; we never just conform to the done thing; we aim to innovative at every level.

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