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If you’re looking for a job within Digital Media, Creative Marketing or  Technology, Benson Price Consultants Ltd can help you find the ideal role with some of the UK's  best employers. Benson Price Consultants Ltd work with active clients from the Northamptonshire.Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire with some clients extending across the UK and Europe.

Benson Price Consultants Ltd is a specialist and highly committed recruitment company, based in Northampton, focused on delivering the best recruitment solutions by identifying the cultural links between candidates and organisations. We do this by listening to what the candidate is looking for

This attention to detail is important, as culture is often a key factor in long-term organisational success.

At Benson Price, we focus on culture – culture is often a key factor in long term organisational success

Who you'll work with

Digital Marketing Agencies

E-commerce Agencies 

Integrated agencies

Creative Agencies

Full-Service Agencies

Corporate Marketing Departments

We work with most of the creative agencies in the Northern Home Counties