What we do

Bechtle is a strong employer in the forward-facing industry of IT. As Germany’s largest independent IT systems integrator and the European leader in IT e-commerce, we have much to offer our more than 14,000 employees. The freedom to take the initiative guided by clear goals. A close-knit, strong team environment that values individual contribution. The support of experienced specialists and long-term career prospects.

For Bechtle employees there is always more to learn. We make growth a priority from day one and offer various opportunities support you to take the first step towards professional and personal improvement - on every level.

At Bechtle, we don’t just welcome our new employees, we introduce them to our company from top to bottom. Our two-day orientation event, Mikado, gives you the opportunity to get to know other new colleagues and get acquainted with Bechtle. New international hires are invited to attend our English-language orientation, iSTART. This initial introduction, coupled with a personal mentor and an induction plan that’s tailored to your new job, guarantees a smooth transition into your career at Bechtle.

As a Bechtle employee, you'll have access to diverse specialist and career development programmes to help you target your personal goals. These programmes prepare junior staff for leadership positions, help managers expand their leadership skills and enable specialists to round out their profiles with specific qualifications, such as Bechtle IT business architect certification. We also offer custom and peer coaching.


Our goal is to shape the future. Bechtle just keeps on growing - why not play a part in our success story?


We're here to write the future. Are you with us?