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AVK are the UK's leading provider of critical power systems and maintenance that guarantee your power. For 31 years we've been supplying UPS systems, standby diesel generators and Battery Storage solutions providing our clients with reliable back-up power solutions for their mission critical services & systems.
We are trusted by many of the UK's largest Data Centre operators, Finance & Banking providers and Telecommunications companies to design, install and maintain 100% power integrity by providing diesel generators, uninterruptible power systems, switchgear, protection relays and turnkey solutions.
AVK specialise in all aspects of the design, planning, implementation and on-going maintenance of critical power systems. We provide solutions for standard or bespoke applications, with UPS systems ranging in size from 1kVA to 800kVA to standby diesel generation ranging in size from 5kW up to 10MVA and covering all project sizes from £1k up to £30m. Our extensive and growing client base reflects our highly regarded reputation for both quality and service

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