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AU Cultural and Educational Group (Hereinafter AU Group), located in the beautiful City of Hangzhou, is China’s first children's content making company that won the National Science and Technology Advance Award (the top science and technology award in China presented by President Xi Jinping). AU Group is an integrated educational service provider engaged in the research and development of children's educational content, kindergarten operations and online education, with some 500 intellectual property rights including patents for invention, trademarks, copyrights and so on. AU is the No.1 brand of children's science education in China and has 150 million kid users in mainland China, with over 700 episodes of its original animations aired on TV stations and steaming sites and ranking No.1 in viewership rates of China Central Television (CCTV). The Group headquarters owns more than 200 employees, holding 50 plus kindergartens, totaling 1500 faculty members and nearly 20, 000 students. The Group is now having business negotiations for buying shares or acquiring quality kindergartens in Australia, the United States and other countries.

Fthenakis International Kindergarten is a high-end kindergarten run collaboratively by AU Group and Professor Fthenakis who is considered as the father of German early childhood education. It takes “lighting up the future of children” as its mission and implements the Fthenakis program based on Cooperative Construction Theory. It applies mixed-age classes, bilingual (Chinese and English) immersion program and STEM teaching, aiming to bring up the next generation talents of international innovation with multicultural background.