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Atom Group is a disruptive business with a focus on spirit drinks. Alongside running a prize-winning distribution agency and owning a portfolio of incredibly popular drinks, we operate the United Kingdom’s premier booze retail website, Our mission is to “Create unexpected delight as we help people explore, buy, and enjoy drinks more.”

We’re extremely well-placed to do precisely this: from the delightful products we conceive and manufacture to the delightful interfaces (human and tech) by which we interact with our customers, our “can do” customer experience philosophy, and our “last mile” delivery experience.

Every customer-facing business we have in Atom, every team that supports one another behind the scenes, and every individual that make the whole—we are all obsessively focused on creating unexpected delight. You’ll have clocked by now that none of this can happen without an amazing bunch of Atom’ers, who all possess the same Job description; ‘Make Atom successful!’

Sure we do other stuff at the same time, such as try to make some money — but it’s not the highlight of our day. If you asked someone what they were doing this weekend and they replied, “I’m going to Disneyland!” you wouldn’t respond, “what, you’re not going to clean your teeth? You dirty so-and-so!”.

They’re going to clean their teeth, obviously. It’s just not the thing that’s exciting them most about the weekend.

That, but with unexpected delight.

We don’t know exactly what the future looks like, but we do know that we have our mission and we’re learning every day how we can move in the right direction. We continue to do this by investing in people and technology. If you like the cut of our jib and think that this is a mission you can get on board with, then please check out our job board below.


So what's life like here?

The vibe here is informal, creative, fast-paced, and hard working. We don’t stand on ceremony, and we try to challenge and reduce bullshit wherever it raises its ugly head. Your career prospects here have precisely nothing to do with how highly polished your shoes are, and everything to do with how effectively you work with others to advance the mission.

We’ve got some incredible people, and we value and encourage diversity of personality, thought, and viewpoint above all else. Establishing an orthodoxy of thought is the way to kill innovation, so we want people that think differently from one another and who can share ideas freely and in good faith, all in the name of advancing our mission. We do all of this in line with our values, which you’ll see (and hopefully feel!) throughout our adverts and recruitment journey, but here’s the first glimpse!

  • Humanism for the win! We're all about relationships over prescribed processes, it's how we innovate and move quickly. 

  • Give a shit! A passion for not only what we do but how we do it. 

  • Live in Reality. We all carve our own path. To become a true hero in pursuit of our mission we need to become a part of the solution, not just point out the opportunity to improve. 

  • Strive for greatness. We want to train the world to expect the extraordinary, so that our customers and staff are disappointed when they don’t experience it. We’re accountable, and we raise the roof - not the floor.

Create unexpected delight as we help people explore, buy, and enjoy drinks more. Can you create insanely delightful experiences for our customers?

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