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Working at Artria London

What we do


We work exclusively in the British educational services market and thoroughly understand its specifics. We carefully research all of our potential partners, across a wide spectrum of networks.


With our educational experience of leading British boarding schools and universities, our team thoroughly considers all the essential details when organising application and adaptation procedures at the start of the studies.



We are a boutique company and pride ourselves on our bespoke offering, which means we are not working with “conveyor belt” type workloads. Our motto is maximum attention to each client, thorough research of clients’ preferences and specifics, analysis of their demands and provision of solutions matched to their specific needs. We never simply limit ourselves to the formal boundaries of the services that we agree to provide and approach each project we take on wholeheartedly, be it an arrangement of a trip to a summer school or preparation for the best boarding schools in the United Kingdom. We love what we do and we genuinely care.


As well as maximizing the childrens’ academic potential, our top priority is to arrange a comfortable and quick adaptation to their new environment. We provide support for both children and parents throughout the entire process.



We believe that British private education is one of the best in the world, possibly the best education that children can have. Besides fostering a wide and deep range of knowledge, British schools give a unique foundation of ethics, aesthetics, and life skills, introducing your child to the most important principles and nurturing a rich, confident and well-rounded personality.