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Working at Antelope Consultants Ltd

What we do

Performance driven, creative marketing campaigns designed to meet the needs of each of our individual clients. We:

  • Drive valuable traffic to websites
  • Create communities around brands
  • Make businesses look great
  • Tell business stories

At Antelope we focus on results and relationships. Our 'marketing ecosystems' ensure our clients can capitalise on the work we do for them.

Our purpose is to help our clients en route to their business development goals.

What you'll get

  • Work environment & equipmentFlexible and social work environment
  • Learning & developmentAntelope offers a place to discuss ideas, learn and grow
  • Company cultureWe are a friendly and thoughtful business.

Who you'll work with

Our team shares the beliefs that marketing services can be delivered ethically and more effectively; a vision driven by what we also value as individuals.