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Altitude Angel is leading the world’s next transport revolution. Really? Yes, actually we are.

We’ve already designed ARROW®, the technology behind SKYWAY, which we’re deploying, with some of the UK’s most prestigious companies, to build the world’s first drone superhighway.

Aside from doing this amazingly awesome work, we’re the #1 in the world for digitisation of air traffic management: creating the next-generation cloud platforms which will help the aviation sector scale, economically, efficiently and, crucially, to deliver automation to a new classification of air users. How do you like those apples?

And, since 2014, we’ve been steadily growing our team beyond our Reading HQ, whilst expanding our network into Europe, attracting some of the finest minds and top talent [I was paid in cash to write that] from the world of aviation, software engineering and product development.

Our platforms are now used in 152 countries across the globe enabling over 50,000 safe drone flights every month, including everything from transport of life saving medication in sub-Saharan Africa to coffee & burger delivery in the Republic of Ireland.

Drones are here to stay and we’re here to unlock the vast potential in them to transform lives and revolutionise businesses.

If you want to join us, play a crucial part in at the forefront of the aerial revolution, flex those creative muscles, have a voice which is listened to, and love coming to work every day, apply. If you want the dull, 9 to 5, then don’t.

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