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What we do

Multi award-winning clothing label Ahluwalia was launched in 2018 by Priya Ahluwalia. Ahluwalia represents the intersection between near and far, past and present.

The label combines elements from the designer's dual Indian-Nigerian heritage and London roots. It explores the potential of vintage and surplus clothing by giving existing material a new life through various textile and patchwork techniques. This means that many Ahluwalia pieces are one of a kind.

Inspired by art, music and literature, much of the work created by Ahluwalia goes beyond her collections and includes collaborative campaigns, books and films.

Ahluwalia’s heritage informs both her designs and her business strategy. “I don’t conform to a Eurocentric idea of a business model,” she says. She believes in developing a business founded on representation and inclusivity, from sourcing materials to casting models, marketing and corporate structure. It’s an approach that has struck a chord with a new generation of industry insiders as well as consumers who want more diversity and inclusion in fashion.

The process of sourcing deadstock and repurposed materials has proved challenging. “The industry is not used to working in this way, so it means that there are hiccups in the chain,” acknowledges Ahluwalia. The brand is “working tirelessly” to build a reliable system, while training suppliers in Italy, the UK and India.

The brand also manufactures abroad in countries such as India, Tunisia and Nigeria. Ahluwalia is adamant about doing it the right way. As she puts it, it’s about “thinking about manufacturers and suppliers as human beings and not thinking about the bottom line all the time. If you treat people well, everything else falls into place”.


Ahluwalia’s mission is to create, innovate and design whilst driving social and environmental change

What you'll get

  • Career progressionWe are a fast growing business and always plan to promote internally
  • Work environment & equipmentBased in a wonderful and social builidng in The Strand
  • Equality & diversityWe are a diverse and inclusive brand

Who you'll work with

Ahluwalia is a forward thinking brand that is made up of a diverse and inclusive them who rely on innovative thinking.  We continuously think outside of the box and look for ways to propel the brand to new heights.

We work closely as a team to deliver this.  We are up to date with what is happening in terms of culture, fashion and art and all of us have interests in these subjects.

Being curious or inqusitive leads us to learning more and to be able implement this into our Brand ensures that we remain relevant.

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