Aero Mag 2000 LHR Logo

Working at Aero Mag 2000 LHR

What we do

The company is entirely dedicated and specialized in the following sectors :

  • Aircraft de-icing
  • De-icing centers management
  • Recycling of used de-icing products in certified and reusable products for aircraft de-icing


Our moto is: Safely, Orderly, Efficiently. We are specialised in Environment, Cost Control, Recovery, Recycling.

What you'll get

  • Learning & developmentYou will learn how to operate one of the most advanced de-icing trucks

Who you'll work with

Aéro Mag, a private company, was incorporated in 1994 in Canada.

The aircraft deicing is our purpose, we have developed cutting-edge technologies in this specific area through a strong program of research and development.

We are present in 8 Canadian airports, 6 American airports and 1 European airport.

The company now has more than 1,400 employees in 15 airports and has to its credit more than 500,000 aircrafts de-iced.