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012 Global Ltd. is a professional international consulting firm in the fields of abroad studies, accounts and law headquartered in London. We are committed to provide the best service to our customers by building up a close relationship with them to help and finding a solution that fits their specific needs.
We have a broad knowledge and network within the UK educational system, which enables us to advise students at every age group and curricula along their academic journey. We understand the cultural values of our students and help them find the educational institution that suits them best.
Studying abroad is a life changing decision. Therefore, your case should not be treated as just one of many. At 012 Global students are not just a number. We build up a close relationship with them and their families to ensure that we find the best programme for the student. With high quality service and professional advice we guide students through the enrolment and visa process. But this is not where our journey with the student ends. We will be a constant companion offering emergency support when things do not go as planned and providing soliciting and accounting services for those whose journey in the UK does not end with their study.
012 Global has made a major commitment to academic excellence. With the mission to go global we are in the process of growing our customer base and expanding to new countries providing further opportunities of studying abroad to students from all over the world and helping people from different backgrounds make life changing decisions with our soliciting and accounting service.


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