What type of communicator are you?

Looking to up your communication game? We can help…

Whether you’re already in a leadership position, you’re looking to progress into management, or you just want to learn how to work more effectively with your colleagues, it all starts with how you communicate. 

Here’s a quiz to help you find out your communication style, courtesy of our free leadership & management course


What is a communication style? 

A communication style is the way you express yourself. 

It affects how you interact with others, solve problems, get things done, and if you’re in a leadership role, manage your employees. 

You’ll likely switch between multiple communication styles depending on your situation and who you’re talking to, but usually, everyone has one style that they use most often. This can be described as your ‘dominant communication style’. 


Why is it important to know your communication style? 

Understanding your communication style is an important step in improving your communication skills. 

By becoming more aware of how you (and others) communicate, you’ll be better equipped to adapt your approach for a range of people and situations. This means you’ll be able to communicate more effectively, whether it’s as a manager, leader, or colleague. 

So, what type of communicator are you? To find out, take the below quiz: 


Understanding your (and others’) style 

If you lead employees, consider asking them to take the above quiz.

And, for more advice on communication styles, our leadership & management course provides helpful guidance on how you can adapt to work with people with a range of different styles. 

Not only will you learn how to master management communication, you’ll also delve into core areas such as leading a team through change, conflict resolution, building high performing teams, motivating your employees, problem solving techniques, and much more. 

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