What it’s like to work for Twitter

Want to work for one of the fastest growing tech organisations? #Twitter…

Offering a vibrant workplace and a host of talented and enthusiastic employees, Twitter is a popular choice for jobseekers in a variety of fields. But what does it take to become a part of the worldwide team of 3,800 Twitter employees, and what’s it really like to work there?

To give you an idea of the interview process and working atmosphere, here’s what it’s like to work for Twitter:


The interview process

When it comes to getting a job at Twitter, there are actually no set rules.

Although your necessary skillset will depend on the role you’re applying for, hiring managers will always look for hard workers, smart thinkers, and team players when trying to fill their vacancies.

Preparation is the key to success in landing any position at Twitter, and (along with common interview questions) interviews will usually involve practical assessments to prove your expertise. They’ll also be keen on testing your knowledge about the brand and its values.

Aside from the obvious traits and passion needed to help you fit into such a dynamic tech workplace, it’s also a good idea to have your own Twitter account.

Because not only will your @ handle probably be needed on your CV or application, you can also use it to educate yourself on their product – especially if you’re applying for roles in product management, design, or social networking.

But remember: always practice responsible tweeting. Just in case…

How to: Prepare for an interview


The workplace

Twitter’s offices don’t disappoint when it comes to being stylish, modern, and unique, making it a perfect fit for anyone looking for a ‘creatively stimulating’ place to work.

The choice of style differs from place-to-place, but the newest (and arguably the most impressive) office is their headquarters in San Francisco – built in an art deco building dating back to 1937. With a combination of modern technology and classic design, this office is the embodiment of a vintage renewal.

With a running theme closely resembling a bird house (go-figure), the interior of the building boasts wooden décor throughout (e.g. trees, logs, branches, other bird stuff) along with other nature-based furnishings and ornaments.

And no matter what Twitter office you work in, you’ll always see a range of workspaces and meeting rooms to suit all working styles, a lot of technology, and of course, free food.

Also, everything is labelled with hashtags.



The roles

There are a variety of roles you could do if you chose to work for Twitter – and with offices based all over the world (including the UK), your job prospects are even wider.

Here are just a few of the areas you could work in:

  • Data science and software engineering
  • Product and design
  • Finance, legal, and people
  • Marketing and communications
  • Sales and partnerships
  • Brands (e.g. Fabric, Periscope, and Vine)


The employee benefits

Twitter receives a large amount of positive reviews from its previous and current employees, and with a range of perks and benefits offered to them – it’s no surprise that they have so many good things to say.

With their employees’ health and well-being always put forward as a priority, Twitter offers a complete healthcare plan along with a gym membership, flexible holiday (and maternity/paternity) policies, and even in-office yoga and Pilates classes in some offices.

Additionally, anyone working at Twitter is also offered free food, snacks, and drinks throughout the day, something that’s frequently described as one of the top pros for working there by many Twitter employees.

Well it beats buying your own lunch…


The company culture

According to a number of employees, Twitter has recently been rated number one for company culture – proving that they must be doing something right in the bird’s nest.

Not only is Twitter full of friendly, smart, and helpful people with lots of creative ideas, it also has an open and vibrant atmosphere that reflects the brand and its values.

And in line with giving their users the power to create and share information and ideas instantly, Twitter take on the same premise for their employees.

Also, rooftop meetings. That too.


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