The top courses to help you get hired September 2017

It’s back-to-school time…

For many of us, September is all about getting back into the swing of things after summer. But whilst we may have swapped sun, sea and sand for storms, showers and school books, it doesn’t mean that exciting new opportunities aren’t still out there – and it’s not just the kids that can benefit.

If you’re ready to start learning, here are three of the top courses you could be taking right now…


Ethical Hacking

Looking for a career that breaks the rules? It’s time to go ‘white hat’…

Ethical Hackers differ from their ‘black hat’ counterparts in that they use their tech skills to identify vulnerabilities in systems and software – so a company can fix them before they’re found by the wrong people.

This certified Ethical Hacking course will introduce you to all the main threats to global IT systems you could encounter, and help provide all the fundamentals needed to find work in the industry full-time.

And it’s not just cyber security experts that stand to benefit. There are absolutely no prerequsites needed to get started, meaning you could eventually move into roles ranging from Penetration Tester to Security Officer and earn up to £55,000 per year – all with no previous experience.

Oh, and did we mention this course is used by the US Department of Defence to train their employees? Which, at the very least, will make your CV infinitely more interesting.

You’ll never look at spam in the same way again…

What do I need? Enthusiasm. That’s pretty much it (although a computer may help).

How long will it last? 40 hours of part-time study.

Perfect for: People who like phishing.

Ethical Hacking course


Digital Marketing

Behind every compelling piece of online content, there lies a Digital Marketing expert…*

In fact, almost everything we do online is impacted by those in the industry – and it takes a lot more than a few hashtags and a good grasp of acronyms (see: CPC, SEO, PPC) to build a career.

That’s where the Professional Digital Marketing Diploma, offered by e-Careers, comes in.

This comprehensive course covers everything you need to make you a success in the digital marketing industry including SEO, digital marketing strategy, email marketing and Google.

Not only will it result in a prestigious DMI (Digital Marketing Institute) qualification, allowing you to start applying for marketing roles right away, it also includes dedicated tutor support throughout to help you learn.

And with 95% of DMI grads finding employment after they complete the certification, and more than half receiving a payrise, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is getting your call-to-actions on point.

Find out more today (etc.)

What do I need? No previous experience or qualifications necessary.

How long will it last? One year.

Perfect for: People who are still searching for the right landing page.

Digital Marketing course



Attention all aspiring developers, programmers and game designers: we may have found the perfect course for you.

That’s because this Full Stack Bootcamp, which is certified by the Code Institute, could help you become a career ready Software Developer in as little as 12 weeks.

Aside from gaining an industry recognised diploma, you’ll learn how to use key coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more – mastering both frontend and backend tech quicker than you can say Django full stack framework.

And as the IAC meet every three months to update the course, you’ll guarantee that you have the most up-to-date and sought-after skills in the world.

There are even a wide range of different payment and part-time options available, ensuring your new skills fit around your schedule as well as your bank balance.

Whoever said Bootcamps needed to be hard work?

What do I need? An interest in coding and software development.

How long will it last? Up to a year.

Perfect for: People who are passionate about Python.

Coding course



*Definitely not a biased opinion



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