The top courses to help you get hired July 2017

No shoes, no shirt, no certification? No problem…

Whether you want to make the most of your time away this month, or you’re looking for a more productive way to spend your ‘staycation’, a new qualification could be for you. Not only are there a wide range of discounted options out there, most are available to take on-the-go, on every device. Whoever said lying by a pool had to be a waste of time?

To help you narrow down your options, here are three of the best courses you could be starting in July:

Complete Web Development

Passionate about tech? Want to build engaging websites? Just interested in getting a new qualification for less than £30? We’ve got you covered.

This fully comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about Web Development, allowing you to get up-to-speed with all the latest technological advancements quicker than you can say ‘ZX81’.

You don’t need any previous experience to get started, making it perfect for those looking to learn a new skill or start a new career.

So whether you want to get-to-grips with HTML, CSS, PHP, and/or any other incredibly impressive sounding acronym, get involved with a new web development course today.

Oh, and by the way, the RRP for this package is a wallet-busting £500 – so take advantage of the deal while you can. Cash-strapped techies of the world unite…

What do I need? To know some IT basics. That’s essentially it.

How long will it last? Around 77 hours (self-paced).

Perfect for: People who want to grab their careers by the Bootstrap.

Web Development course

Become a Stock Market Millionaire

OK, so we don’t have a course that guarantees you’ll be able to make a million pounds. Oh, wait…

As it turns out, Skill Success are offering exactly that. Their revolutionary programme reveals some of the biggest secrets about buying and selling stocks – delivered straight from industry insiders.

Some of the fundamental areas you’ll learn include how to find the best stocks to trade, how to protect your investments, and how to turn failing stocks into winners.

Upon completion, you’ll have the basic blueprint to make consistent cash playing the market, with very little risk involved.

You’ll also get a certificate of achievement which, at the very least, means you’ll have something to frame alongside your first five pound note.

So, who wants to be a millionaire? (N.B. please form an orderly queue).

What do I need? A big wallet/purse/fancy moneyclip.

How long will it last? This course is self-paced – so it all depends how quickly you want to earn.

Perfect for: People who really liked Wolf of Wall Street.

Stock Market Millionaire course


Customer Service

Good customer service skills are absolutely essential for a wide variety of different roles.

Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t mean that they’re a given in every industry. It also doesn’t mean that they’re really easy to get across on your CV. That is, until now.

This online Level 2 qualification will help you to develop your customer service knowledge, enhance day-to-day interactions with customers and boost your CV – all at the same time.

Not only will you get an even deeper understanding of the principles that underpin outstanding customer care, but you’ll also get a nationally-accredited qualification.

And the best part is, it’s entirely Government funded, meaning it’s completely FREE to sign-up and get started.


What do I need? To be over 19, and not currently in work.

How long will it last? 11 weeks.

Perfect for: People who want to learn for less.

Customer Service course




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