The top courses to help you get hired August 2018

Wish you were there? There’s a course for that…

If you’re lacking the experience to find a job you love, you’re in luck. There are literally thousands of qualifications available on right now that will help you get on the career ladder, covering everything from accounting to social care. And not all of them come at a cost.

To help you pursue a new passion, here are three of the best courses you can take this summer – completely FREE.


Dementia Care

More than 850,000 people in the UK are suffering from dementia right now.

And it’s a number that shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s likely to rise to well over a million by as soon as the year 2025.

Unfortunately, the number of qualified Carers is nowhere near enough to meet the need. Which is just one reason why this Level 2 Dementia Care course is fully funded – and available to almost anyone with an interest in working with those affected by the disease.

Covering key principles in supporting and caring for those with dementia, you’ll learn everything from encouraging positive communication, through to providing emotional support and relief.

The entire course can be taken online, at your own pace. You’ll even have access to one-to-one support from a dedicated tutor throughout your course. Not to mention gain a vocational qualification valued by UK employers upon completion.

So, whether you’re looking for a new career or the tools to treat a friend or family member, help make a difference and get in touch today to find out more.

What do I need? An interest in helping people, as well as a good degree of patience.

How long will it take? 16 weeks.

Perfect for: People who want to help end the stigma.

Free Dementia Care course


Equality & Diversity

Equality and diversity are key components of any successful workplace.

Unfortunately, staff members don’t always get the memo.

And whilst it may seem like a thing of the past to some (especially those who are unaffected themselves), discrimination at work still happens in a variety of different cases.

This government-funded Equality and Diversity course aims to help students improve their own understanding of the issues some workers face on a daily basis. Whether it’s because of their gender, cultural differences, disabilities, or any other factor.

Not only will you study details of what rights all workers are entitled to, you’ll also learn ways to counteract and deal with stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice when you see it in action.

Once again, it’s completely free for aspiring students, and is able to be completed online, making it the perfect short course to add to an aspiring manager or HR professional’s CV.

And did we mention the exam price is included as part of the package?

Because not all courses are created equal…

What do I need? Empathy, an open mind, and a PC.

How long will it take?  Around 9 weeks.

Perfect for: People who want to be more cultured.

Free Diversity course


Health & Nutrition

Peckish people of the UK unite: your hangry days are officially over.

Ok, so we’re not offering out free food just yet. But this Certificate in Diet and Nutrition is essentially the next best thing.

And yes, it is also completely free.

Students will learn everything from how diet affects a person’s health and wellbeing (see also: mood), through to the principles of healthy eating and planning a short term diet and weight management programme.

You’ll even get a head start in health and safety, with handling food safely and guidelines for food storage covered as part of the package.

There are no prerequisites to getting started, making it a good first step for those looking to work in the catering or nutrition industry full-time.

Looking for a qualification to kick-start your career? Just want to know the safest way to store last night’s leftovers? Enrol today.

What do I need?  The hunger to take your career to the next level (etc.)

How long will it take?  15 Weeks.

Perfect for: People who want food for thought. Literally…

Free Nutrition course



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