The top companies hiring in July 2017

Andy Murray isn’t the only one with something to look forward to this month…*

If you’re searching for a new start, there’s really no better time than the summer months. Not only are there 290,000 roles on offer on right now – more than at any other time of the year – you can also look for jobs wherever you are thanks to our mobile app. So, at the very least, you can feel a little bit productive whilst topping up your tan.

To help you find a job worth waking up for, here are some of the top companies hiring in July:



When it comes to Britain’s best-loved brands, they don’t come much bigger than ASDA.

The supermarket giant serves more than 18 million customers every single week, helping them find everything from food for their weekly shop, through to kitchenware, travel insurance, and even tyres.

And just how many people does it take to serve 18 million people every week? Well, quite a lot apparently.

They’ve got hundreds of opportunities on offer right now, covering roles in retail, customer service, delivery driving, HR, health and medicine and more.

They’re even looking for something called a ‘Chilled Colleague’. Which at the very least, will be enough to trump friends and family when it comes to comparing job titles (see also: stay cool).

Locations: Throughout the UK

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Sick of your job? It’s time to Let It Go…

Disney are on the lookout for staff all throughout July to join them in the happiest place on earth. AKA West London.

And although we can’t promise you’ll be suiting up as your favourite Disney character, that doesn’t mean the roles are any less special. Especially if you’re into buying TV and film memorabilia.

They’re currently recruiting for a Buyer and Assistant Merchandiser to work for the The Disney Store Europe. Not only will you get to help go through and select all the latest merch before it hits the shelves, you’ll even discounts on everything across store, in the parks and beyond.

So whether you’re passionate about princesses, Star Wars, Marvel, or you just want to add some classic pins to your collection, dreams really do come true with Disney.

Whoever said playing with toys didn’t pay off?

Locations: West London.

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Hovis were founded in 1886 with one simple mission: bake.

And bake they did. Over the course of the next century they cemented themselves as a mainstay of the British store cupboard, delivering everything from baps, bagels, and baguettes through to buns and best-of-both bread. Also, lot of other things which don’t begin with the letter ‘B’.

But even though they’ve gone through a whole of changes in their 130 year history, one thing hasn’t changed: it’s as good today as it’s always been. And it all starts with the staff.

It takes more than 3,500 people to help them deliver the 1.5million loaves they send out every single day of the week. So whether you want to work in manufacturing, engineering, purchasing or HR, put the panini down and apply today.

Jobs with Hovis: the best thing since sliced bread. Possibly…

Locations: Throughout the UK

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Attention tech fans: your phone provider needs you.

O2 is the second largest mobile telecommunications provider in the UK, with over 450 of their stylish stores appearing in high streets up and down the country.

They’re always looking to add to their ever-expanding team, and are recruiting for a number of positions all throughout July – including roles for Store Managers, Assistant Managers, Retail Assistants and Gurus. Yes, that is their real title.

Aside from excellent communication and customer service skills, what they really want is people who get excited about new technology, and can’t wait to share it with their customers.

In other words, those who are still waiting for dial-up to make a comeback need not apply…

Locations: Throughout the UK

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Need to rejuvenate your career? Time to get that Superdrug feeling.

That’s right. One of Britain’s biggest health and beauty retailers are searching for staff this month, hiring for roles all across their retail and product teams.

Jobs on offer with Superdrug in July include Store Managers, Nail Technicians, Hair Stylists, IT Analysts and Expense Clerks, to name just a few. And there are even positions available in their purchasing team – perfect if you’re more into buying makeup than Mickey ears.

Although previous experience may be required for some roles, don’t panic. Full support and training will be provided as part of the package. As will, you’ve guessed it, generous discounts. Heavily discounted perfume, you say?

Look better. Feel better. Smell better.

Finally, a plan with no drawbacks…

Locations: Throughout the UK

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*If reading this after a Wimbledon-based Andy Murray upset, feel free to disregard…  



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