Top 5 – Winter Work Wardrobe Malfunctions

Office Fashion Faux Pas

Summer’s well behind us (all two days of it), so it’s time to put away your shorts, stash that sarong, wrap up warm and embrace the autumn.

And now’s also the perfect time to update your work wardrobe to reflect the changing seasons.

But rethinking your wardrobe for the colder months can be a risky business. With winter coats, shoes and many a layer to match up, the line between getting it right and getting it wrong is a fine one.

To help you avoid becoming an office fashion victim this fall, here are our top five autumn/winter fashion faux-pas…

5. Ski wear

There’s nothing wrong with skiing. There’s nothing wrong with ski wear. And, to a certain extent, wearing your ski jacket to work is perfectly acceptable – provided it’s a nice, calming, neutral colour (leave your multi coloured neon puffer to the slopes). But use the ‘office off-piste’ look in moderation and leave the salopettes and moonboots at home.

Verdict: Hey, at least it’s waterproof…

4. Sunglasses

The summer’s gone. It’s sad, but it’s something we’re all getting used to. So our advice is to stow away the sunnies till spring. The sun may be lower in the sky, but the chances are it was dark when you left for work this morning and it’ll be dark again when you leave.

Verdict: Bicycle – yes. High street – no.

3. Soxer

Whilst the stylist in us would always advise against wearing any kind of Velcro-fastened sandal / jelly shoe to the office, the moment you add socks into the equation (particularly white ones), you’re seriously pushing the boundaries of acceptable office attire, whatever the time of year.

Verdict: A footwear combination for no season.

2. Novelty

Novelty clothes: two words which should remain mutually exclusive. Don’t get us wrong, Christmas jumpers are great for adding a little bit of festive cheer to the office. And to be honest, we’re all for it: on the 24th of December. 12th October is not fine, however. Nor is any other date in the Gregorian calendar, for that matter.  Remember the true meaning of Christmas: everything in moderation.

Verdict: The holidays are coming… please wait for them. (N.B. while we’re on the subject, musical ties are never acceptable)  

1. Trainers

Obviously, taken in isolation, trainers are fine. And if you’re lucky enough to wear jeans to work, by all means be our guest. It’s the potential for disastrous sartorial syntheses that make trainers our number one autumn fashion faux-pas for the office. 

If you’re sporting a pair of futuristic looking running shoes with weird neon stripes and honeycomb weaving with a suit or socks/tights/skirt ensemble, then you’re on your own. If you absolutely have to wear them, try and keep it cool with a pair of pumps.

Verdict: You can be comfortable and stay fashionable.

Honourable mentions: double denim, patterned tights, short shorts.

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