Top 5 – ‘When I Grow Up, I Want To Be…’ Professions

Top 5 when I grow up I want to be... Professions

What do you want to be when you grow up? To a child or even someone starting out in the world of work, it’s a simple enough question, and one with few limitations. But the answers can often tell us a lot about the person in question, especially when we look at them in retrospect.

But how many of us can actually remember what our answer was?

To help your childhood ambitions come flooding back, here are our top five ‘when I grow up’ professions…

5.  Train driver

Some things are so much more glamorous when you’re younger. One of them is trains. Maybe it was those big, shiny engines, maybe it was the kids’ TV classic with its oversized controller, but in hindsight, our whimsical childhood view of trains was probably somewhat distorted. When you’ve been waiting in the rain for the 6.33 to Charing Cross every morning for long enough, trains begin to lose their appeal.

The men and women who drive them, however, will never go out of fashion. All aboard…

4. Fire-fighter 

Another one which may have been influenced by childhood TV shows and bright, shiny engines. In our young minds, it was all heroics, flashing lights and saving cats. In reality, well, it does involve a healthy dose of heroics and flashing lights. However, aside from this, it also involves bravery, rigorous testing, in-depth training and the peak of physical fitness.

To be honest, we mostly just wanted to slide down the pole.

3.  Pilot

This is unquestionably one of the coolest professions to aspire to. One which lets you travel to exotic places, meet exotic people, and generally live the life of an international jetsetter. In actuality, it will take years of training, testing and practicing. But it’s more than doable if you put your mind to it and stay focussed. All you need is a good wingman.

Two words: Top. Gun.

2. Ballerina

You’ll need grace, poise, tremendous strength and dedication to become a ballerina. It also helps if you can dance. If you’re good, you can look forward to a life of high art and sophisticated culture.

If you lack co-ordination, however, The Nutcracker should be left well alone. It might be best to stick to the Macarena.

1. Superhero

The ultimate career choice for aspiring crime fighters. Not only do you get to fight the bad guys, get an amazing superpower (not you, Batman), and potentially your own theme tune, you get to do all of this wearing a cape and your underwear on the outside. Of course, you may have to be bitten by some sort of mutant animal or be involved in a horrible radioactive accident to attain these things, but the benefits are well worth it.

Career progression may be limited, depending on location and crime level.

Honourable mentions: doctor, princess, pirate, long distance lorry driver.

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