Top 5 – Unusual jobs in sport

top 5 unusual jobs in sport

Getting a job in sport doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a PE Teacher…

There’s a whole host of weird and wonderful ways to combine your passion for sport with a day’s work. Here are five of our favourites:

5. Waterboy

Also known as: Water Carrier, Water Distribution Engineer and H20 Quality Technician. The job is occasionally given to younger team members and athletes, although some are dedicated to the profession. Always remember the three H’s: Hydration, Hydration and, errm, Hydration.

4. Horse Masseuse

Even horses fancy a rub down once in a while. Great for relieving equine stress, and post-injury rehabilitation. This position is perfect if you love horses, and you’re a hands-on person. However, it will require a degree of training. Nobody wants a hoof to the head.

3. Golf ball diver

Ever wonder what happens to all the golf balls you hit into the water hazard? Professional golf ball divers can gather thousands of stray balls in one day, and then sell them back to golf clubs and retailers. Can be dangerous (snakes, alligators, angry birds), and there’s little to no visibility while working. On the plus side, at least you’re not a caddy.

2. Mascot

Fred the Red. Wenlock. World Cup Willie. The job of professional sports mascot can take many forms. Most of them, however, include dressing in a 100lb suit and dancing around in front of thousands of people. Advantages: pitch-side view, crowd interaction, no-one knows who you are. Disadvantages: you’ll sweat. A lot.

1. Tapper

Not all unusual jobs in sport involve dressing up as a dinosaur. A Tapper (also known as a Sighted Sports Guide) assists blind swimmers, using a pole to tap the athlete to inform them that they’re approaching the end of a length. The contact needs to be made with split second timing, and can prove to be the difference between a winning or losing swim. Total trust is needed, as is the ability to time taps with stroke movement and momentum. So, slightly more pressure than a Waterboy…

Honourable Mentions: Director of obscure sport (see Extreme Ironing), Director of sport in obscure country (see Kiribati Islands), Crash Test Dummy, England Manager.

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