The top courses to help you get hired January 2022

It’s 2022, and you know what that means? 

You’re probably going to be writing ‘2021’ on any date related documents for the next week or so. But a new year is also the perfect opportunity to learn something new - whether it’s to progress in your career or change paths completely. 

Here are the top courses on this January: 


Project management courses 

If you’re an organised person who’s passionate about taking the lead, a career in project management could be for you.  

Not only would you be able to work in a variety of industries, you could also earn a lucrative salary. According to’s salary checker, project professionals in the UK earn an average of £55,000 a year. 

Want to gain the skills employers are looking for? Start studying project management today. 

Top courses: The MSc in International Project Management and the MSc in Programme and Project Management from Northumbria University.

MSc International Project Management

This MSc will arm you with the skills required to successfully manage projects, understanding national boundaries and cultural differences. You’ll also use case studies to find out what it takes to foster a successful international project environment.

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MSc Programme & Project Management

This MSc is the perfect choice for anyone looking to gain a generalist qualification that helps them to further develop their project management knowledge and skills, particularly in the context of leadership and strategic management.

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Business courses

Let’s face it, businesses will never not be a thing. This means that people with great business skills are always in demand.  

Whilst roles in business are extremely varied, they usually involve ensuring every element of an organisation is operating to peak functionality, whether it’s through analysing performance and suggesting improvements, or assessing and mitigating risk. 

Want to get qualified? Let’s get down to business. 

Top courses: The MSc in Business with Business Analytics and the MSc in Business with Financial Management from Northumbria University.

MSc Business with Business Analytics

This MSc will help you to develop broad business skills while benefiting from a specialist pathway in business analytics. You’ll also explore the latest techniques for analysing ‘big data’, that will improve an organisation’s decision making.

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MSc Business with Financial Management

This MSc will provide you with general business knowledge and understanding, with a strong focus on financial management. You’ll also gain the personal skills needed for a wide variety of roles, with the ability to work for businesses of all sizes.

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Computing & IT courses

Want to understand the inner workings of AI? Looking to fight cyber crime? Just interested in gaining the skills you need to fight the robot uprising? You should study computing. 

Encompassing a vast range of subjects, this sector is forever growing, bringing the need for certified professionals with it. In the last 4 years alone, the field of tech has expanded by a massive 150%*.

So no matter what area of computing you’re interested in, getting qualified will guarantee you a future proof career. 

Top courses: The MSc in Artificial Intelligence Technology and the MSc in Cyber Security from Northumbria University.

MSc Artificial Intelligence Technology

This MSc is designed to equip graduates with in-demand skills to work in a range of roles in the IT industry. During your studies, you’ll develop your abilities as a digital leader, gaining the skills needed to identify and implement AI solutions.

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MSc Cyber Security

This MSc will provide you with advanced and specialist knowledge and skills in the field of cyber security. You’ll gain a critical understanding of information governance and assurance, combined with technology risk management practises.

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*Source: Tech Nation