The top courses to help get you hired August 2015

The top courses to help get you hired August 2015

Can’t believe it’s August already? Summer might be just heating up…

OK, so by ‘heating up’ we mainly mean in terms of the excellent range of qualifications we have on offer, rather than by any actual improvements to the weather. But with discounts across hundreds of courses available on the site all this month, there’s no good reason not to break out the books, grab a parasol and enjoy the rest of the summer sun*.

To help you make August a month to remember, here are three of the top courses on right now:

PRINCE2® package

Project management: helping people with excellent organisational skills kick-start their careers since 1989.

OK, so project management may have been around a little longer than this. But that’s when PRINCE2® was first developed. And it’s pretty much become shorthand for achieving excellence in project management ever since.

This heavily-discounted project management package includes both the PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner qualifications, providing you with everything you need to start applying for roles in the industry right away.

And the best part? We’re offering an 89% saving for anyone who signs up this month, officially making it the greatest way to spend £100 since that time your student loan came in and you went on a spending spree in the pound shop.

What do I need? There are no formal pre-requisites.

How long will it last? Around 6 months of part-time study.

Perfect for: People who want to add some structure to their lives.

PRINCE2® package

Sports Massage course

Looking for a career that’s a little more ‘hands on’? We’ve got you covered…

Sports massage is finding a niche market in the health and fitness industry, helping increase flexibility and alleviate sport-related stress for participants of all ages and ability levels.

This sports massage course is designed to enable therapists to have a greater understanding and appreciation of the specific needs of sports participants in the preparation for and recovery from activity.

Modules of study include basic massage techniques, sports injury specific massage, and building up a healthy immunity to the smell of Deep Heat.

What do I need? No formal pre-requisites.

How long will it last? Approximately 140 hours.

Perfect for: People who’ve progressed beyond backrubs.

Sports Massage course »

Animal Psychology course

If people aren’t really your thing, don’t panic. There are plenty of professions out there which require very little to no interaction with them at all.

In fact, this comprehensive Animal Psychology course, which covers basic concepts of animal behaviour and the training of animals, is perfect for anyone who prefers their friends four-legged.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to learn more about the inner-workings of their pets? And if you use your new-found qualification to get you out of late-night wintery walks in the park (‘Honestly Trevor, he doesn’t fancy it tonight’) and the odd game of fetch, who are we to judge?

Upon successful completion of your course, you’ll receive a CPD Certificate of Achievement award, as well the ability to understand more about meerkats than you ever really wanted to know.

Still on the fence? For the rest of this month, it’s available for only £39. Take that Doctor Dolittle…

What do I need? No previous experience or qualifications are necessary.

How long will it last? Around 60 hours (part-time or full-time options available)

Perfect for: People who never quite got over the daring escape of their Cockatoo.

Animal Psychology course »

*Courses also available for the parasol-less.    

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