The top courses to help you get hired May 2018

So, you’ve decided it’s time to learn something new…

The problem is, you’ve been so busy concentrating on the royal wedding/your upcoming summer holiday/literally anything else (delete as appropriate), you just don’t have time to find out what course would be right for you. Well luckily, it isn’t just jobseekers we’re here to help.

That’s because is also the number one destination for course seekers across the UK – enabling thousands of students to hit their personal and professional goals every single day.

To help you reach your own potential, here are three life changing courses you could start this May:



If you’re looking for a career in accounting, start with AAT.

It’s the number one qualification employers look for when it comes to hiring for new staff – which isn’t all that surprising, seeing as it was set up by the largest membership body of accountants in the world (AKA the Association of Accounting Technicians).

Basically, think of The Avengers, with calculators and acronyms after their name (also, you know, not fictional).

What really sets these qualifications apart is you don’t need any prior experience or certifications to enrol, and they’re completely flexible and able to be completed on your own terms. So you don’t need a degree, or a ton of time to get started.

You’ll also be able to learn practical accounting skills, such as double-entry bookkeeping, costing and using accountancy software, all from the comfort of your own home.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, find out more about the AAT Foundation course today.

What do I need? Reasonable numeracy skills, and a decent internet connection.

How long will it take? Usually around 12 months (at your own pace).

Perfect for: People who really don’t trust calculators.

AAT Foundation course




Well fear not, prospective Web Developers and Designers, because with this fully-comprehensive Coding Bootcamp, all your problems could soon be over. And, hopefully, our rhyming ones will be too.

Covering key coding languages such as SQL, HTML and Python, and with one-to-one mentor support from industry experts, you’ll have everything you need to pursue a career in programming. Blood, sweat and tears not required.

Once again, it’s the perfect choice for beginners, and there are no barriers to getting started. Whether you know your back-end from your elbow or not.

Upon completing the course you’ll be able to pursue a career as a Web Developer, starting as a junior in as little as 12 weeks. Not to mention have a fancy diploma to add straight to your CV.

Ready to start a career in coding? Just want to build your own website without paying? SIR, YES SIR.

OK, we’ll stop it now…

What do I need? No prerequisites – just a passion for coding and a desire to learn.

How long will it take? Just 12 weeks.

Perfect for: People who don’t want to wait for the SQL.

Coding course



To help honour #TeacherAppreciationDay, we wanted to celebrate educators around the world this month.

Not to mention, hopefully make some more in the process.

And, whilst this CACHE Level 3 Teaching Assistant course might not be able to get you leading lessons on your own right away, it is fully QCF recognised – meaning it will get you into the classroom and gaining valuable experience as soon as you’re qualified.

It’s the perfect foundation for anyone who is looking to go on to teach full-time in the future. Or if you simply want to give more one-to-one support to help children in their education, that’s OK too.

Split into four key units, you’ll learn everything from understanding child development, through to effective communication skills. It even comes with the amazing SEN certificate included, allowing you to assist children with special educational needs.

And the best part? All throughout May it’s on offer for more than 25% off RRP – meaning you can get qualified for as little money as possible.

Make a difference. Change a child’s life. Start today.

What do I need? Excellent communication skills, and a desire to work with kids.

How long will it take? Around eight months.

Perfect for: People who do give a damn about a bad education.

Teaching Assistant course



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