Six reasons to join a grad scheme

Finally getting over the shock of graduation? It’s time to start using your degree…

Joining a grad scheme is a great way to gain practical work experience. And whether you’ve got a clear career direction in mind, you’re still deciding what to do, or you’re just keen to start working – it could be the best way to kick-start your career without being thrown in at the deep end.

We’ve already covered what you need to know about graduate schemes, but here are six reasons you should consider joining one:


On-the-job training and support

Entering the working world as new graduate can be tough. There’s a lot to learn, everything is new, and full-time jobs are (probably) out of your comfort zone.

The good news is, graduate schemes are designed specifically with these things in mind – meaning they always provide a large amount of training and support to help start your career and learn the essential skills needed to thrive at work.

This could range from training sessions on communication and assertiveness, to one-to-one mentoring, guidance, and feedback from a senior manager.

Many schemes also offer the opportunity to gain professional qualifications while you work – whether it’s a masters, PhD, or an industry-recognised course.


High earning potential

Grad schemes offer lucrative salaries, especially within big businesses.

In fact, new graduates could be expecting to earn an average of £25k straight after finishing uni, which is almost always expected to rise with experience.

And alongside high earning potential, graduates could also benefit from a range of company perks – including everything from generous holiday allowances to private medical insurance – or even a company car.

In fact, a job with Aldi’s graduate scheme could land you an Audi of your own. And no, we’re not making it up…


There are choices

Grad schemes are available in almost every industry. And, because they also involve all kinds of roles, contract lengths, benefits, and salaries – you definitely won’t be limited on choice.

And the variety doesn’t stop after you’ve picked a scheme. Almost all opportunities will involve a large amount of diversity when it comes to your role, meaning you’ll get the opportunity to work and build relationships in all areas of the business.

Some companies even make working in different roles a necessary requirement right up until the moment you complete the scheme.

Not only will this be beneficial for the development of your skillset, it’ll also mean you’ll be able to use practical experience to figure out what job actually suits you best.


Job security

Graduate schemes are usually offered on a fixed term basis, lasting between one and three years. This means you’ll be able to benefit from a high level of job security, in a role that allows you to learn and grow at the same time.

And as they’re designed to train graduates, the structure of the schemes mean you’ll become fully qualified and experienced to pursue more advanced opportunities – which are often available within the same organisation once you reach the end of your contract.

So providing you’re right for the role and there aren’t any significant issues that arise, you should be in the clear.

Because remember: probationary periods are still a thing.


Better career prospects

Joining a grad scheme at a well-renowned organisation is a great way to prove your skills, knowledge, and drive to future employers – especially if you’re lacking in practical work experience as a new graduate.

And with a range of learning and development opportunities available, you’ll be able to boost your career progression and become more employable in the long-run.

Even if you don’t progress to a permanent position at the company you completed your grad scheme with, what you’ve learnt will allow you to branch out into other fields and pursue opportunities that might not have been available when you first graduated.

What graduate employers really want


Global opportunities

If you’re torn between starting your career and traveling the world, a grad scheme might be the perfect in-between.

OK, so you probably won’t be getting paid to backpack around Australia with an Audi. But for some big organisations, graduate schemes give employees the opportunity to work in offices all over the world.

Not only will you be able to do something new and exciting that’s rare in many jobs, you’ll also gain valuable life experiences, not to mention a whole new network of contacts at the same time.

And, who knows? You might even be in a position to take the plunge and pursue your career outside the UK.

At the very least, it will save a lot of money on umbrellas…


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