Six of the best paying part-time jobs

Six of the best paying part time jobs

For some of us, finding the right role means finding something flexible enough to fit in with our other commitments.

Part-time work can be a great way to maintain a healthy work/life balance, build experience and work in an area you love. Inevitably, though, with a drop in hours, many of us expect to see a significant drop in income. But does this always have to be the case?

In short, the answer is no. To help keep you see which options are both flexible and financially viable, here are some of the best-paying part-time jobs:

1. Web Designer/Developer

Although for bigger websites these positions will undoubtedly be full-time, many smaller businesses employ technology-based roles on a more flexible basis. And with the success of a growing number of companies depending on the effectiveness of their online channels, web designers and developers can be an integral part of the process.

Whether it’s designing websites, developing apps, building online shops or improving performance through digital marketing disciplines like Search Engine Optimisation, part-time IT positions utilise a range of different skills. Not only are they a great way to build a portfolio of work, they can also work out to be extremely lucrative.

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2. Social Care

Social care and support workers can perform a number of services, from helping to assist people with learning disabilities through to childminding and nursery services. And for many positions, the often sporadic nature of the working hours means that maintaining a versatile approach to your work can be key to success.

Not only can it be an extremely rewarding career, it’s also one which, once fully experienced and qualified, can provide a good salary, not to mention a valuable start for anyone looking to move into the industry full-time.

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3. Sales

For those with outgoing personalities and excellent negotiation skills, a job as a recruitment consultant or in the sales sector can be the perfect match. Many positions provide a good basic wage, and excellent benefits and bonuses for those who excel.

And with regards to career progression, those with a natural flair for sales can climb the corporate ladder quickly and easily, not to mention profitably. If you’re ambitious and want to work hard, this could be part-time career for you.

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4. Waiting staff

Although not generally thought of as particularly well-paid, for many, working as waiting or bar staff is a great way to earn some extra money. And with the right amount of experience and professionalism, some of the top events staff can earn hundreds of pounds for a few nights work.

And even if you’ve never done waiting or restaurant work before, it can be easy to build some experience. With the right attitude, hard work and a positive mindset, working at a big event, such as a test cricket match, or becoming event staff at the Emirates stadium is easily attainable.

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5. Actor/Extra

Whether you’re an aspiring amateur thespian or you’ve never thought about acting before, becoming a film or television extra is a great way to make the most of your spare time, earn some extra cash and get to experience a little of the excitement of the entertainment industry. And, although it may not be the most conventional of part-time positions, the pay for a few hours’ work can be extremely attractive.

However, although the work may be relatively easy, it can be repetitive. A typical day will involve performing the same action over and over again, with little to change whatsoever. If you have patience in abundance, and you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then it’s an avenue which is definitely worth pursuing.

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6. Substitute Teacher

The main role of a Substitute or Relief Teacher is to provide support and assistance to students when their teacher is away, providing vital cover for anywhere between a day (in case of sickness) and, potentially, months at a time (maternity/sabbatical cover, for example).

As well as providing much needed support for students, tasks range from freeing up a teacher’s workload by assisting with their administration whilst they’re away through to motivating and encouraging children in need.

Bringing your own unique experience and knowledge to the role can be a breath of fresh air for those learning and the flexibility that comes with the job can be great for those who cannot commit to a full-time role.

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Whichever part-time profession you’re looking to go into, it’s important to remember not to limit yourself when searching. Although certain roles are generally more commonly associated with shorter hours, these are merely suggestions.

In truth, almost every job can be done on a part-time basis. Find the right one for you, your skills and your situation.

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