Should I use a template to write my CV?

Considering using a CV template?

Searching for a new role is never an easy feat, especially if your CV isn’t up to scratch. Luckily though, there are plenty of templates out there to help you get started – you just need to make sure you’re using them effectively.

Here are a few key pros and cons of using a CV template:


CV template pros


They’ll help you stop procrastinating

If you find yourself fiddling with the margin sizes of your Word Doc for hours before you start writing (see also: playing Pac-Man in another tab), then a CV template will help spur you into action.

After all, a load of white space on a screen can be pretty daunting. Especially if you haven’t written many CVs in the past. Sometimes, all it takes is the right starting point to help everything else fall into place.

A template will focus your efforts and provide you with the guidance you need to stay on task.


They can suit your situation

Just because you’re using a template, it doesn’t have to be generic.

There are many different options out there to suit your skills, and level of experience. So whether you’ve recently finished school, you’re looking for a graduate CV template, or you need to explain a difficult career break, templates have you covered.

And, as the majority are written by dedicated CV experts, you can be confident that what you get will be logically presented and formatted in a clear and concise way.


They’ll save you time

Templates are the fastest way to get your CV recruiter ready.

So, if you’re short on time and eager to get the application process rolling, it’s the perfect way to fast-track your job search – without you having to start all over again.

This means less time spent formatting your CV, and more time spent carefully writing each section. Something which could be a lifesaver if you’re looking to get back into employment as soon as possible, or can’t afford to miss out on any potential earnings.


CV template cons


They aren’t always reliable

Unfortunately, not all templates you download will be winners.

Always think about where you get them from, and how reputable the brand is, before you decide whether it’s the right one for you. Settling for the first one you see on a Pinterest board called ‘Hope’s, Dreams and Other Musings’, isn’t likely to set you up for success.

Luckily, however, we know where you can download some pretty great templates. You know, just in case…

Free CV template


They aren’t the finished product

If you’re using a template because you haven’t got time to craft a CV from scratch, that’s fine – but don’t push your luck.

Templates are only ever intended to be a starting point for your applications, allowing you to add to them as your career progresses. The more you tailor it to the job description and your own experiences, the more likely your CV will be successful.

Spending as little time as possible writing it will only make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.


They can’t spot mistakes

Template or no template, everyone makes mistakes on their CV.

The problem is, an over reliance on them can make it easy to forget to cover the basics. Poor spelling and grammar will stick out to recruiters like a sore thumb, and without someone to go through your CV after you write it, these errors are often difficult to spot.

Asking a friend or family member to read it is a good place to start. Alternatively, you could try using a professional CV review service, such as CV Now.

Once your CV is complete, simply share it with the experts at CVNow for a free review. They’ll have it back to you within 72 hours, and will be able to provide the feedback and tips you need to make your CV an instant success.

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