Reed Job Index – Q1 2013 Highlights

Reed Job Index Q1 2013

With the first quarter of 2013 behind us, we take a look at the industries and regions demonstrating the strongest signs of growth in the jobs market.

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Since March 2012 the number of jobs available in the sector has increased by 54.05%.

February to March 2013 saw a 9.12% increase in job opportunities across the UK.

East Midlands

Over the past 12 months the number of job opportunities in the East Midlands has grown by 14.85%.

The security and safety sector has fared particularly well, with a significant 236% increase over the same time period.

Hospitality & Catering

The UK’s hospitality and catering jobs market has boomed in 2013, with job opportunities growing by 9.47% since March last year.

East Anglia is the best place to live if you want to work in hospitality and catering and has seen a 31.4% increase in job vacancies since March 2012.

IT & Telecoms

The UK’s IT and telecoms jobs market has accelerated in 2013, with job opportunities growing by 11.46% since March 2012

Regionally, Scotland comes out on top, with a significant increase of 72.5% in the past year. Job opportunities in Yorkshire and the Humber have grown by 33.6% over the same period.

PR & Marketing

PR and marketing job opportunities are up 13.39% over the last year, according to latest figures from the Reed Job Index.


Yorkshire has seen the biggest difference, with a significant 95% increase in opportunities since March 2012. Job vacancies in Scotland were up by 87.5% in the same period.


In March 2013 the number of job opportunities in Scotland had increased by 33.5% compared with one year ago and 11.67% since February. Comparatively, job opportunities across the UK are up by 9.84% since March 2012.

The construction & property, and security & safety sectors, have in particular shown significant growth since the beginning of 2013, with a 58.3% and 60% rise in job opportunities respectively.


The strongest performing sector in Wales is estate agency, which has seen a significant 36.6% rise in job opportunities in 2013.

The IT and telecoms, and transport and logistics sectors, are also faring well in Wales with a 13.9% and 11.1% increase in job opportunities respectively.

West Midlands

Since March last year the number of job opportunities in the West Midlands has grown by 19.49%, with the charity & voluntary sector performing particularly well and surging by 277% in the last 12 months.

The motoring and automotive industry is the second most buoyant job market in the region, with an increase of 64.5% over the past year, closely followed by leisure and tourism which has experienced sharp growth of 181.2% in the same time period.

Yorkshire & Humberside

The Yorkshire & Humberside jobs market continues to strengthen, growing by 8.16% in the past year according to the latest Reed Job Index.

The strongest performing sector is transport and logistics, offering 30% more job opportunities compared to January 2013.

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