10 office organisation ideas that will transform your cluttered workspace

Work getting you down? It could be time to declutter…

A messy workspace can leave you feeling irritated and overwhelmed, demotivated by your daily tasks, and unable to perform your best. But there are lots of effective, inexpensive ideas to help you to transform your desk – and your mind-set with it.

To help inspire you, we spoke to Stephanie Cvetkovic, Editor at lifestyle blog Expert Home Tips, for some innovative ways to transform your workspace.


Use the walls:

Running out of desk space? Start storing your stuff elsewhere.

Using your bland walls to your advantage will reduce the amount of clutter on your desk, allowing you to get on with the job in hand.



You can pick up a pegboard for under £30 at IKEA, and it’ll provide solutions to all your storage dilemmas.

There are various attachments available, including shelves, baskets and hooks – perfect for storing everything from pencils to folders.


String of photos

We all like a little personalisation at our workspace, but all those family photos can soon start to takeover. The solution? Hang them up high.

A simple piece of parcel string and some pegs are all you need to create a simple but aesthetic photo display that doesn’t get in your way.


Organise your stationary supplies:


DIY desk organiser

Pens, pencils, paperclips – it often seems there’s no end to office supplies.

But instead of letting things get cluttered, make yourself a DIY desk organiser. It’s easier than you may think, and can be decorative too (if you do it right).

Use painted Mason jars, empty tin cans, or even toilet rolls and cluster them together to keep your stationary stress at bay.


Drawer separators

They’re called ‘filing cabinets’ for a reason. Whilst they’re great for their intended purpose, they can also be pretty useless for anything else.

Transform yours into an organisational system that works for you with some DIY drawer separators. You can make these with old cereal boxes – just cut them to the size you need, and make compartments in your drawers for storing all sorts of things.


Tidy those wild wires:

Are you feeling as wound up as your tangled wires? Clear your cables (and your head too) with these clever ideas.


Label cords

iPad, camera, iPhone – all this technology means there are more wires than ever at your desk.

A simple labelling system will help make them more easily identifiable to save you a chaotic hunt every time you need to charge.

Wrap Washi tape around the cable near the plug for a quick fix – it’s easy to remove and can be written on too.


Binder clips

If you want to keep cables out of sight (but close by for when you need them), crocodile clips could be the answer.

Count out your cables, then attach the same number of binder clips to the side of your desk. Label each one using a piece of Washi tape, then thread your wires through the metal hoop.

This way, all your cables will be easily identifiable when you need them, without covering your desk.


Cable tray

For bulkier cables you use less frequently – such as those for monitors, computers and printers, get yourself a cable tray (if you haven’t already).

They attach to the underside of your desk at the back, keeping messy wires tucked away neatly.


Make more space:

Organisational ideas are great if you have room for them, but what if you’re extremely short on space?

The following ideas will help you to create enough space at your desk for all your supplies.


Under computer storage

If you have room for a computer and little else at your desk, elevate it with a computer shelf.

This will enable you to utilise the area underneath your monitor for things like notepads, important documents, and even folders.


Magnetic strips

Magnetics strips (more commonly known as magnetic knife racks) are not just useful in the kitchen, but the office too. As they’re so narrow, they can be attached almost anywhere – on the wall, or even onto the side of your desk.

All you need to make them work as an effective organisational system are some magnets. Consider them as a smaller, more simplistic version of a ‘pegboard’.

Attach documents, photos, and even pens to the strip to keep them out of your way. You could ever fill tins with small stationary supplies, such as paperclips and pins, and attach them too.


Hanging desk storage

When you run out of desk space, take it over the edge.

Clip-on baskets slide over the top of your desk and hang underneath, providing you with extra storage space that’s both subtle and out of the way.



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