How to: Have a positive attitude at work

Think it’s time to for an attitude adjustment?

A positive attitude is not only essential to your own happiness, it could also do wonders for your career progression – not to mention the wellbeing of those around you. But how can you maintain it, and what’s the best way to combat negativity?

To help you live your best life (and be the best version of you), here’s how to have a positive attitude at work:


Make friends

Being friendly with your colleagues is a great way to make work more fun, inviting, and in general, somewhere you actually want to be – especially if you’re lucky enough to find a work BFF.

Whether it’s that you regularly catch up in the kitchen, go for work drinks, or attend team lunches, every little thing you do to stay involved will help you to feel more at home at work.

Building positive relationships with colleagues is not only a great way to improve your work environment, it could also mean you feel more supported in your job – especially if it involves a high level of teamwork.

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Actually take a break

OK, it might seem like an obvious way to boost your mood – but that doesn’t mean we actually do it.

In fact, many of us have a tendency to overwork (from staying late to working through lunch), resulting in a drop in morale, productivity, and ultimately, positivity.

It’s also a good idea to actually leave your workspace. Whilst it might seem tempting to eat a-la-desk, it’ll only tempt you to pick up work tasks simultaneously.

And it’s not just about allowing yourself to have a lunch break. Taking small breaks throughout the day will also help to keep yourself refreshed, whether it’s for a quick coffee or a walk around the office. Because exercise = happiness.

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Surround yourself with positivity

Your work environment plays a big part in your wellbeing and overall happiness.

This means that if the people around you are prone to negativity (whether it’s through constant complaining, laziness, or a disrespect of others), it’s likely to rub off on you too. On the flip side, spending time with positive, hardworking colleagues will likely influence your own mindset in a good way.

Of course, you can’t choose who you work with. But you can choose who you zone out. Limit the time you spend with negative people by keeping necessary work-based interactions short, and placing an extra focus on your work.

If your employer allows you to listen to music, this is also a great way to tune out – and stay positive in the process*.

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Declutter your workspace

People aren’t the only factor involved when it comes to your mood.

It’s also important to consider your surroundings. A messy desk complete with stacks of paper, miscellaneous pens, and excess post-it notes is unlikely to ensue positivity – especially if it takes you hours to find anything.

So give your workspace regular clear outs; and be ruthless. If you haven’t looked at that ‘important’ note from last year since you know, last year…it’s probably OK to throw it out.

And it’s not just cleaning that’ll help you maintain a positive attitude. Decorating with everything from plants and vases to photo frames and smart storage solutions is a great to make you feel more at home.

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Put the pros above the cons

Sometimes it can be all too easy to focus on the negatives.

But even if there are times where you feel like you can’t stand your job, there’ll always be a way to look at things in a more positive light.

Struggling to find the pros over the cons? Take some time each day to remind yourself what you love about your job.

Whether it’s having supportive colleagues, a great benefits scheme, or an open and innovative environment, there are bound to be a number of things to be grateful for. You just need to look for them.

Also, something about making the best out of a bad situation.

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Pay attention to your wellbeing

Your wellbeing and general health is a big factor when it comes to your attitude at work.

And, living off a diet of biscuits and coffee probably isn’t going to make you feel great (see also: you are what you eat).

Not only should you ensure you’re staying hydrated, sleeping well, and eating healthily, you should also make an effort to stay active.

This doesn’t mean you have to break into a round of jumping jacks every five minutes, but there are a number of ways to keep moving (from walking meetings to desk exercises) – no matter how stationary your job is.

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Challenge yourself

Nobody likes stagnation.

And if you’ve ever been stuck in a rut when it comes to your professional (and personal) development, you’ll know that it doesn’t do a lot for your happiness. In fact, it just makes you more complacent than ever.

So to ensure you stay motivated at work, try your best to keep learning – whether it’s by regularly updating yourself on industry news, taking a course, or taking part in training and development schemes at your workplace.

Putting yourself forward to head up new projects, networking, and attending conferences are also all great ways to keep your career moving and mix up your routine.

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Honourable mentions: Give yourself goals (and rewards), pay attention to your work-life balance, deal with problems professionally, do something nice.


*N.B. Playlist dependent. For best results, we recommend keeping all Justin Bieber songs to a minimum.



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