How to: Get over the midweek slump

When it comes to hump day, the struggle is real…

Even if you’re one of those that start the week fired up with energy and enthusiasm, it isn’t uncommon for the momentum to start slipping by the time you hit the halfway point. So, how do you remain positive and productive for the final few days – and what’s the best way beat hump day?

To help you see Wednesdays in a whole new light, here are our top tips for getting over the midweek slump:



With the hard work, distractions, and general tiredness that comes with the completion of two whole work days, it comes as no surprise that some of us start to lose focus by Wednesday.

So to make sure you’re not trailing off into a spiral of unproductivity, it’s vital to revaluate your goals. Start by ticking off all the tasks you’ve already completed, then prioritise whatever’s left in order of importance.

After all, they might have changed since you last looked at them

By doing this, you might not only find you had less work than you thought (thanks, beginning of the week you), you’ll also give yourself a clearer direction for the rest of the week.

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Plan something fun

Wednesday doesn’t have to be the day you dread.

If you find yourself void of all motivation by the middle of the week, try giving yourself something to look forward to (and/or motivate you).

It could be anything from an indulgent breakfast or coffee (see also: all of the syrup) in the morning, to a lunch break with friends, or even dinner at your favourite restaurant after work. Whatever your muse, now’s the day to pencil it in.

You never know, Wednesdays might even end up becoming your second* favourite day of the week – instead of the day that makes you feel like you need at least 17 naps.

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Break your routine

Getting stuck in the same old routine can be a tough habit to break, but it could be exactly what you need to snap out of the midweek slump.

Whether it’s switching up your daily tasks or getting a change of scenery – it could make all the difference to your wellbeing. Not to mention your productivity.

For example, meetings, conferences, phone calls, or even team building events are all great ways to add some variation into your week (whilst getting work done at the same time); and allowing yourself some time away from the same old duties could give you the energy you need to power through.

And if your day-to-day is usually spent doing all of the above? Try to use the middle of the week to focus on something completely different.

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Don’t stop moving

It’s time to make Wednesday leg (or any other limb) day.

Whilst exercise might be the last thing you feel like doing halfway through the week, it could be the perfect way to give yourself a much-needed boost.

Whether you wake up earlier than usual to go for a run, you go to the gym on your lunch break, or even do some post-work yoga, it’ll all contribute to a positive wellbeing. Even work-based exercises and frequent breaks away from your desk (see: walking meetings) could help to improve your productivity.

Think adrenalin. Think happiness. Think no longer feeling guilty about eating cake at lunch.

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Tidy your workspace

You’re two days into the week, and that can only mean one thing: your desk isn’t looking how it used to.

And no matter how much you say ‘you like it this way’, your mindset definitely doesn’t agree.

It could be that your to-do-list has seen better days, you have way too many tabs open on your computer, or you can’t see through the pile of probably-unnecessary-but-keeping-just-in-case bits of paper; but none of it is going to help you focus.

So use Wednesday morning to restart your computer, dust your workspace, and redo your to-do-list. Trust us, you’ll feel much better afterwards.

Because you know what they say, ‘a clear desk = a clear mind’ (and other inspirational mottos about cleaning up your stuff).

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Look for a new role

If you’re doing all of the above and you still can’t snap out of that mid-week slump, it’s probably not you – it’s your job.

So to get out of that ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling, dedicate some time to searching for something new.

Whether finally finding a job you love, refreshing your CV, or even just doing some research into the type of role you’d like to do – getting the ball rolling (even if you don’t land a job straight away) will inevitably improve your mood.

And in the meantime? Remember: you can always learn from a job you can’t stand

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*You know, after Monday. Obvs.


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