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Do you watch Grand Designs and think you could design something so much better? Then becoming an Architect could be the perfect career move for you.

Architects can work for themselves or an employer and are tasked with designing new buildings, adding extra bits to existing ones, or restoring really old constructions to their former glory. You’ll work with clients and a host of construction professionals to design and implement a project in order to see it through to completion.

A typical Architect’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss their goals for a project – and their budget
  • Liaising with professionals including Joiners to assess the feasibility of the work
  • Using computers to create a detailed plan for implementation
  • Overseeing the project and carrying out site visits
  • Making alterations should things not go according to plan

One of the most important attributes for any aspiring Architect to possess is creativity. You will often need to think outside-the-box, and able to use your knowledge and initiative to overcome any problem that arises.

You must also be prepared for variation as an Architect, as both regular site visits and working in the office are necessary when you’re completing a job.

A good architect should also be:

  • Good at problem-solving and visualisation
  • In possession of a very analytical mind
  • Excellent at drawing and using related computer software
  • Able to dream big but also create realistic plans
  • An effective communicator to ensure clients get what they want

I love having the chance to constantly come up with new ideas for buildings and present them to delighted clients. The industry is constantly changing and it's exciting to think my next creation could spark the next big trend. Also, I'll never get over the excitement of seeing my drawings come to life - and the thought that the finished result will (hopefully) be around longer than me.

Get qualified

On top of at least five GCSEs, two A-levels and a portfolio of work, you’ll need to have five years’ training at university and at least two years of experience to accompany your studies. Once this has been completed you can register as an Architect with the Architects Registration Board and become a chartered member of the RIBA.


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