How to become a Personal Shopper


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What do they do?

Looking for a little retail therapy? You should be a Personal Shopper…

Personal Shoppers use their expertise to assist clients with their purchases, giving advice and suggesting products to suit their customer’s needs.

Although often thought of as operating solely within the fashion industry, Personal Shoppers work for retailers of all sectors and sizes, recommending everything from households goods to birthday gifts, to help make shopping that little bit easier.

So whether it’s coming up with a whole new wardrobe, or just making sure the client gets their groceries on time, there’s no purchase too big (or too small) for a good Personal Shopper.

Typical duties for a Personal Shopper may include:

  • Making appointments and consulting with clients
  • Determining and managing budgets
  • Identifying and addressing specific needs
  • Suggesting potential purchases to clients
  • Keeping clients informed about the latest products
  • Managing the entire sales process

Is it right for me?

It takes more than a passion for purchasing and a good sense of style to become a Personal Shopper.

You’ll need an incredible amount of patience and, above all, good listening skills, to make sure your clients get the most out of your service. Giving each individual the attention they deserve, not to mention fully understanding their needs and own sense of style, will be key to your success.

Remember: compromise is not a dirty word.

Other key skills for a Personal Shopper include:

  • Confidence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Tact
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • An up-to-date understanding of what’s in fashion

Career Progression

Assistant Personal Shopper

Up to £16,000

Personal Shopper

Up to £24,000

Store Manager

Up to £30,000

What's it really like?

Being a Personal Shopper is pretty much the perfect job. I come from a retail background anyway, but it’s so much more personal than working on the shop floor. I work for one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, which isn’t as glamourous as the roles you often see on TV. My main job is to help customers complete their weekly shops, and I usually work with those who would have trouble on their own, such as the elderly. What I do really helps make a difference to their lives, and that’s what makes it so great coming to work. Oh, and I’m not the one picking up the bill. That too…

Get qualified

There are no set requirements necessary in order to become a Personal Shopper. However, a good level of experience in retail or sales, or a retail-specific qualification or personal shopping course, could help you get your foot in the door.

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