How to become a Data Analyst



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What do they do?

Want to work with numbers? Big fan of ‘big data’? Actually know what ‘big data’ is? You should be a Data Analyst…

Whether it’s sales figures, audience demographics and market research, or keeping track of their overheads, every business, regardless of size, records some kind of data. It’s a Data Analysts’ job to interpret this data, find trends, and present this back for this business to act upon.

Typical duties for a Data Analyst could include:

  • Gathering and extracting numerical data
  • Interpreting the numbers
  • Finding trends, patterns and algorithms within the data
  • Analysing market research
  • Presenting these findings back to the business to help inform future decisions
Is it right for me?

To be successful as a Data Analyst, a high level of statistical literacy and a natural flair for mathematics are key. You will be expected to work at a fast pace, and be able to keep calm under pressure, especially when working to tight deadlines.

Other key skills include:

    • Highly developed organisational skills
    • Pattern recognition
    • Critical and analytical thinking
    • Ability to extract and interpret relevant data
    • Excellent attention to detail
Career Progression?

Data Analyst

Up to 30,000

Business Analyst

Up to 85,000

Project Manager

Up to 45,000

What's it really like?

If you love being surrounded by numbers like me, becoming a Data Analyst is the perfect career move for you. If you struggle using a calculator, you may not be quite as happy. Poring over difficult data can be long and laborious at times, but when you identify a trend or see a pattern in the numbers for the first time, it makes all the frustration worthwhile. And even better, I know my work directly impacts what the company decides to do moving forward. How many people can say that?

Get qualified

Many employers will ask for a degree as a prerequisite. However, there are various Data Analyst courses specific to the industry as well as other Analytics courses. These coupled with a good level of experience may make you eligible for some entry-level positions.

Data Analyst Courses

Whether you have previous experience or you're considering becoming a Data Analyst, we have a number of courses to assist you.

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Analytics Courses

For all analysts or students hoping to embark within this career, there are a number of courses here available to you.

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