How to become a Concierge



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What do they do?

You hate monday because you hate your job. You should be a Concierge.

A Concierge acts as front of house staff for a hotel, office or apartment building, and are often the first point of contact guests have. There is no request too large or too small for a good concierge to handle, and their primary job is to provide all guests with the best customer service experience possible.

Typical duties for a Concierge include:

  • Attending the entrances, and greeting guests
  • Making dinner reservations, booking taxis and securing tickets for events
  • Recommending the best local sights
  • Delivering personal messages, and running personal errands on behalf of guests
  • Covering reception as, and when, required
Is it right for me?

To become a Concierge, an outgoing personality is absolutely essential. Success in this position hinders on politeness, approachability, and being able to build an excellent rapport and relationship with guests.

Great organisational skills and a passion for providing first class customer service are also incredibly important for those looking to become a Concierge.

Other key skills include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • Adaptability, and reliability
  • Patience, and a good sense of humour
  • An in-depth knowledge of the local area
What's it really like?

I've been a Concierge for around three years, and I really love my job. I work in a large hotel, and I love being the first thing people see when they walk in the door. It means I get to give guests their first impression of the whole hotel – and first impressions count. The work is varied, and always keeps me on my toes. And, with new guests coming every day, there’s certainly never a dull moment. If you want a fun career with plenty of interaction, this definitely fits the bill.

Get qualified

Whilst you may be able to come into this role with no prior experience, some experience within the hospitality sector will help to demonstrate your ability. Any related qualifications will also show your expertise and passion for the job.

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